Our Services

Our Consulting Services

We empower IT decision makers with holistic, data-driven, automated solutions that enable organizations to overcome complexity, gain better insights and make smarter decisions. Our solutions and teams help IT and security departments with limited resources gain efficiencies, respond to threats faster and leverage the latest and most sophisticated technologies.

Analytics & Cyber Security Solutions

Comprehensive performance analytics & cyber security offerings that cover the entire technology ecosystem in any business environment.

Compliance & Monitoring Solutions

Our automated compliance monitoring solutions help our clients benchmark their controls against general best practices and stay on top of the task of securing their IT systems.

Attack Surface Reduction

We help our clients transform the way they manage & secure their external attack surface and help them save precious time through automation.

Secure Development/DevSecOps

Our platform automates the integration of security at every phase of the software development lifecycle, from initial design through integration, testing, deployment, and software delivery.

Vulnerability and Defect Management

Monitor the application portfolio to ensure appropriate prioritization of defects, monitor and reduce the application attack surface

Metrics Development & Measurement

Develop security-related KPIs, measurement tools, method, and integrate with the broader organizational application performance management processes.

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