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We build solutions driven by the future.

About Us

We believe innovation is the key to build a better future for our people.

Established to steer customers through the next generation of Software, Business and security innovation using leading edge business automation, software development and technology consultation services.

We help our clients leverage new technologies to competitive advantage and support their software development.We deliver high value innovated solutions by bridging the gap between business and technology.

Vergent Technology Solutions Ltd. capabilities are uniquely distinguished from other software providers as we are specialized in developing various automated solutions through our established multi-branches in Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines and India for continuous round the clock support.

Our Expertise

Comprehensive Expertise Across Tech Giants

Vergent stands as a paragon of seamless integration, combining intricate systems with state-of-the-art solutions for a transformative impact in various sectors. Our expertise shines in:

Elevate your enterprise with the robustness of Microsoft’s cloud offerings, – including Azure, Office365, and Dynamics 365.

Streamline and economize your Oracle environment with our strategic license management.

Transition to cutting-edge cloud solutions and unlock the potential of SAP S/4HANA.

Tailor your AWS usage for peak performance and cost efficiency.

Maximize the value of your software licenses while ensuring compliance.

Our portfolio

Stories of Innovation and Growth

Our portfolio is a testament to our impact. We’ve:

Enhanced sales, reduced processing times, and improved customer satisfaction for diverse industries.

Significantly cut costs and optimized operationsfor multinational corporations.

Achieved remarkable processing speed and user experience enhancements.

Reduced costs and improved performance for various sectors.

Recovered costs and streamlined processes across different organizations.