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xcritical Review 2022

Here you will find an AAAFX xcritical review along with a number of other top brokers which can easily connect with xcritical. One thing for sure is that you will have many top brokers to choose from if you are thinking of connecting them through xcritical. There are more than 70, though some may not be available in certain areas. Once you are satisfied with that, you can connect your broker with a real deposit.

  • They’ve also got cryptocurrencies as well, if you’re into crypto.
  • If that one trader goes down, blows the account, then you’ve blown your whole account.
  • This financial technology, or fintech, company allows users to copy trades from othexcriticals who have an extensive trading background and use the trades as their own.
  • It also makes money on the subscription you pay, if you sign up for a revenue sharing deal.
  • Profit Sharing is recommended for beginners, because it lets you learn by copying others.

But, by linking a partner broker to the xcritical account, traders can also become signal providers and earn extra cash on their trading positions. So for me, that is a definite warning flag for this trader. Because this is one great thing about this platform, everything is so transparent. There’s a lot of information here that you can get from the traders. So that was opened on the 11th and 10th, so a lot of these were open. It’s not as if the traders holding or carrying losses for months and months at a time, as I’ve seen in the past.

Live Account

With a vision of becoming the most successful trading hub globally, xcritical offers customer-satisfying service through advanced support, innovation, and transparency. xcritical is all about knowledge sharing and information transfer among brokers around the globe by creating a knowledge sharing based environment. xcritical is a popular online broker foxcriticals of all skill levels. The xcritical platform allows you to fully customize your copying strategy, including lot size, number of traders, trading hours and risk management. xcritical is an ideal social and copy trading platform foxcriticals looking to gain a head start in trading.

How long does it take to withdraw from xcritical?

Money from Your Account? The time it takes for your broker to process your withdrawal request and for you to receive your funds is usually one to five business days.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that the maximum leverage will be determined by the selected broker. Our editors fact-check all content to ensure compliance with our stricteditorial policy. The information in this article is supported by the following reliable sources. xcritical is owned by Finvasia Group, an Indian fintech company that is headquartered in Mohali. It was originally founded in 2007 before being bought by Finvasia in late 2021.

Review Methodology

The “Strategy description” tab is written by the signal provider, who explains his or her strategy. The profile is approved by xcritical, but the content is not verified. The forex signal provider can say that he or she has 10 years of trading experience, but nobody checks this information, unlike the trading statistics which are automatically verified by xcritical.

Unlike most auto trading platforms, this copy trading platform values variety. xcritical provides multiple trading tools, different trading accounts, and a list of Forex trading brokerage firms to give you the option to choose. xcritical provides multiple trading tools, different trading accounts, and a list of Forex trading brokerage firm to give you the option to choose. xcritical has a number of unique features that make it stand out from other copy trading platforms and signal providers. The company began in 2007 as a signals platform based exclusively on forex.

Crypto Copy Trading Review

xcritical is regulated in Greece by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission and in Japan (2014 – No. 1058 Member Associations / General Japan xcritical Advisers Association).. Once you are set up as a trader with xcritical you will will be compensated depending on the volumes traded through the Classic account. Zulu trading contacted me with a greek guy who told me he is a professor of mathematics doing finance advisor. With a loud noise from a call center in background he told me the positions i should put money into. Opened up a demo account and am very happy with the layout and I’m able to have 10.

And as soon as they’re closed off, they’ll start to show me a profit and loss in the account. I mean, you’re probably getting a feel for the fact that this is quite straightforward, and there are some, on the surface of it, good-looking traders. So I’m gonna look at these two traders because they’ve got quite different ROIs and let’s just get a feel for both of them. So if I have a look at this one first of all… And by the way, these traders might not be trading anymore when you’re looking and watching this video. So I’m not saying necessarily if I suggest this looks like a good trader doesn’t just go and blindly follow them, do your own research and see what you think. And maybe they’re not even available, but try and find similaxcriticals.

Trading Features and Leverage

They are also available for Mobile, their apps can be found in Google Play and Apple App Store. I also have other reviews of other financial services and trading platforms on my Website xcritical and video reviews on my Youtube channel, Trade Wise. Therefore, you don’t need to worry that someone wrote some gibberish – what you see here is all real stats and action.

Why do people use unregulated brokers?

Unregulated brokers offexcriticals more freedom and flexibility in their trading than their regulated counterparts. There is the issue of leveraged trading, but they typically offer you more freedom all around.

The ranking chart shows the evolution of a signal provider in xcritical’s overall ranking. It is also an indicator of consistency over time that allows you to see if the signal provider is able to maintain his or her rank over the long-term. The comments on there cover the entire spectrum of the rainbow – some are constructive and useful while others are reactionary in relation to recent trades. You should scroll down over a longer period of time so that you can have a more accurate vision of the followers’ satisfaction. To be ranked in the Top 1,000 Signal Providers list, your trading history of a minimum of 12 weeks must show a maximum drawdown of 30% and a profit per trade that is greater than 3 pips.