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How To Stain Wood For Beginners

It really cut down on the yellow-orange stain and the grain is still showing through beautifully. For instance, I tried Walnut and this Colonial Black and decided on the black. It cuts down on the orange-yellow stain of these doors BUT I still don’t have a TRUE black stain. I have a darker stain with the warm undertones showing through which reminds me of a Dark Walnut. Wipe-on Liquid Oil Based Stains contain colored pigments that often settle to the bottom of the can and must be thoroughly mixed before application. It may take as much as five minutes to thoroughly mix the contents of the can so that the color remains consistent as the contents are used up.

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  • The applicator you choose for applying stain doesn’t really matter.
  • Two or even three coats of varnish are often necessary to provide a good protective coat.
  • This photo shows a second coat of Java being applied over the first coat of Java.

Water takes a toll on a wood deck’s finish, whether it’s pounding rain or piles of snow. You can tell whether your deck stain is still protecting the wood if it repels water. You can get stain everywhere with a cloth as long as it is soaking wet. In 20 stained wood years of refinishing old furniture, most of which required staining, I don’t remember ever using a brush to apply a stain. And I rarely used a spray gun because of the time involved cleaning the gun. Lacquer, water-based and dye stains dry rapidly.

Use A Foam Brush For Corners And Large Projects

In the case of rainstorms or extremely humid days, delay your staining project until the air dries out. As we mentioned above, staining outdoor wood furniture involves preparing the wood, stripping the old stain, sanding, and applying a fresh stain. But before you do any of that, it’s important to make sure you have the right supplies.

You don’t want to brush on too heavy of a coat, but make sure that everything is fully covered. The only difference is pre-stain vs no pre-stainYou’ll want to select the pre-stain that matches your stain. Oil-based stains require an oil-based wood conditioner and a water-based stain requires a water-based wood conditioner. You want to sand with 220 grit sandpaper or higher before applying wood stain. For some reason a lot of people begin woodworking thinking that staining wood is a requirement for a completed project.


You’ll see a little less of the grain, but you should see less splotches as well. The thing about pine is that it’s never going to stain like oak. It’s not hard to stain pine, but you need to follow the exact steps we laid out in this article to ensure the best results. It’s incredibly important to stir the stain before getting started. Oftentimes the pigments in the stain will sink to the bottom of the can.

Check out this post for more information on how to best apply stains to different types of wood. Top is oak, bottom is pine.If your project is using plywood and solid boards, you’ll want to test the stain color on each wood type. You’re going to want to clean your deck before applying stain.

Water Based Wood Stains & Dye Stains

Instead of penetrating the wood, it’s designed to sit on the surface, to create a very even color. Easy to apply, fast 2 hour re-coat time and can apply protection coat after just 3 hours. Easy to apply, with a 4-6 hour re-coat time and can apply protection coat after 8 hours. On new decks, apply only one coat of oil-based deck finishes. Start by heavily coating the open end-grain of the boards.

applying stain

It is a good treatment for all woods, but especially for pine and other softwoods. Make sure to read the instructions before you apply the pre-stain conditioner. In some cases, the manufacturer advises that you wipe the conditioner off after a few minutes, and then apply the stain within two hours. Also, some pre-stain conditioners tend to lighten the color of the stain, but you can combat this by applying a second coat of stain. The first step to a great wood stain finish is to sand the project thoroughly.

While the stain is still wet, wipe off the excess with a clean cloth. Take care not to remove too much from corners and edges. Wipe across or against the grain first to work the stain into the wood pores. If you’re looking for a deck stain that is easy to apply, looks great and lasts a long time- Behr Deck Stain may be the perfect choice. The company has been in business since 1947 and their products are exclusively available at Home Depot nationwide.

Personally, I like to power wash, then sand the deck with a random orbital sander and finish using Wood Stain and Finish Stripper if needed. After the rails are done, I go back and stain all of the hand rails. Hand rails are a part of the deck that I will sometimes 2 coat if they look like a second coat might be necessary. Setting up my Werner ladder and staining the back sides of the rails.

How Long Should I Wait Before Wiping The Stain Off?

For example, leave some of the coloring in recesses to darken them or wipe them off in selected areas to create figure patterns. The easiest method of applying glaze evenly is to brush or spray it on the wood and thin it out with a brush. It will take practice to do this effectively without leaving noticeable brush marks. Glazes are always pigmented, so they can’t help but muddy the wood a little. But since it’s pretty inexpensive, why not experiment with some color?

Learn more about water-based and oil-based stains for your next DIY wood-stain project. Minwax® offers a variety of easy-to-use products to help clean and repair wood that is chipped, cracked, scratched, even decayed, to its original beauty. If you want a darker, richer tone, apply a second coat according to label directions. Often called “poor man’s cherry,” poplar has a grain pattern similar to prized cherry, but lacks the same reddish hue.